Our Services

Real estate sales

Follow clients in all phases of real estate negotiations, up to the notarial deed.

Consultancy for real estate evaluations

Real estate residential, commercial and office evaluations in Lake Garda's town.

Exclusive real estate searches on Lake Garda

Exclusive real estate searches for properties, on sales, within the lake Garda's cities.

Immobiliare investment consultancy for rental income

Investment advice with rental income. Profitability analysts, good points and lease strategies.

Consultancy for family real estate planning

Family and hereditary real estate planning in the short and medium-long term

Home staging, consultancy to increase the properties values

Increase the properties values, optimizing the use of spaces, lights and colors.

Consultancy to increase the value of the condominium

Increase the value of the condominium by qualifying and qualifying the jobs.

Consultancy for real estate profitability analysis

Profitability analysis for residential, commercial and office properties.

Consultancy for new construction projects

Real estate typologies'qualification, sale prices'decision and buyers'identification.

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